Introduction to 100%’ers…

So I had this idea after reading part of Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules For Life, which is beautifully written with the intention of offering life improving affirmations and philosophies. One of the themes within the book is take responsibility for your actions, which will then give the actions focus, which then gives them a certain ‘meaning’ or credence. I interpreted that as, in order to reach for the stars, you have to shoulder the possibility of falling short, but do your bloody best to reach the stars anyhow…
So after some deliberation, and particularly due to the time of year (just before New Years 2019) I decided to run a programme called the 100%’ers, on my Thank The Universe website. The idea is simple enough - for those that have plans and goals for 2019, they are able to shoulder the responsibility via this website.
This platform will allow you to commit to, in writing (and on a public forum) your short, medium and long term goals, whilst having a your website profile updated each month or on each milestone acheivement. This I believe will encourage you to keep those so often neglected targets within your sights - as well as remembering why you started in the first place. Negative doubts often hold people back - and there will be (no doubt) detractors, gossipers and people that will genuinely wish failure upon you, especially if your goal is well publicised - HOWEVER, do not let the voices win. How esle do we get the gold, other than by facing down the big scary fire breathing dragon!?

So as the guinea pig, so-to speak, I am the first member of the 100%’ers… and as such, my profile is below. I hope this inspires others to take part… Thanks for reading…

Alex Cook - 100%’ers Profile

I have two main goals this year that both fall under the Thank The Universe umbrella. Ideally, I would like to make 2019 the year that Thank The Universe became financially sustainable in it’s own right, whether this is through the Vanquish Clothing sales or The Priory Podcast being refined and gaining enough popularity to attract sponsorship attention.
My two main goals however, which will require the largest portion of my attention (certainly for the first half of 2019) are the 500m Derwent Epic Lakes Swim in July, which I’m participating in and raising money for Mind - West Cumbria, and secondly I will be aiming to write and publish (hopefully the first of several) an autobiographical book of self deprecating observations of some of the most cringe worthy and sardonic points in my life. A ‘how not to…’ style book…

Main Aim (Long Term Goal 1): July 7th 2019
To complete the 500m Derwent Epic Lakes Swim, whilst raising money for the charity Mind - West Cumbria.

Main Aim (Long Term Goal 2): August 1st 2019
To write and publish my first autobiographical book on the observations of certain points of my life so far.

Short Term Goal (1): January 11th 2019 (ongoing)
The first point of call is to strengthen my swimming ability in the pool. This means booking onto lessons, which I have done and they start w/c 7th January. These lessons will also be subsidised with open sessions in the pool.
I have already booked (and paid for) my place in the race for 7th July Derwenter Epic Lake Swim. This will also help to keep me motivated.

Short Term Goal (2): January 11th 2019 (ongoing)
To write, however bland, my thoughts on particular situations that are particularly toe curling in times (both recent and distant times) gone by. My aim will be to write ~500 words a week and to also understand the structure and

word count of books I wish to emulate.

Medium Term Goal (1): March 1st 2019
This medium term milestone will be to step foot into Open Water for the first time. I believe this can be achieved by March this year after a 7-8 week schedule of strengthening my indoor swimming ability and having been able to complete at least 500m in the pool uninterupted.

Medium Term Goal (2): April 1st 2019
To have the full unedited draft ready for streamlining.
Also to fully understand the selfpublishing and marketing process.

Update for 11th January:
1a) Feedback on the swimming lessons and pool training.
1b) To have organised a Just Giving page with the consent of Mind - West Cumbria

2a) To have commited the first 500 words to paper.
2b) To started the understanding process of self publishing and marketing…


Update 2 - 13/01/2019

I have been at the gym most of the week but had my first swimming class on Thursday at the Copeland pool. I didn’t realise how bad of a swimmer I was, although I knew I was bad. The coach had me swim 1x 25m length so she could assess my form. It wasn’t good. Breathing practically non existant, legs all over the place and arm actions completely over the top. God knows what I must have looked like.
Thankfully the pool was fairly empty and I didn’t feel too self conscious while pretending not to drown.

The coach gave me pointers and techniques to try throughout the class, which I tried to take on board.
It was clearly evident that my horrendous technique and poor fitness levels would not allow me to do more than one length of the pool without stopping and gasping for air.
Managed 1 more pool session this week which was this morning (Sunday 13th). Tried to implement the techniques that the coach had given me on Thursday - but I’ve got to admit, that it was tough.
Concentrating on technique and whilst controlling my breathing seemed like an impossible task this morning. I felt slightly out of my depth, if you excuse the pun, as there were some very accomplished swimmers in the pool today. It was like The Man from Atlantis had let his family free in the pool whilst I was there struggling like Augustus Glupe when he fell in the river of choclate…

Small goals for week 2:
I’ll be back in the pool Monday morning and Thursday night and potentially Saturday morning also. The goal this week is to manage 3 lengths uninterupted, maybe 4 (100m). And also to box off at least 20 lengths per session overall to increase stamina.


#StayTrue #100’ers