Introducing Kevin Young’s 100%’ers Profile

The 100%’ers has a new recruit; Kevin has some major goals that he wants to attain and has kindly let us use the 100%’ers platform as a place to keep the flames of these aims alive.

In October 2019, Kevin will be looking to complete the Cumbrian Run (half marathon) in support of the North Copeland Youth Partnership, who run the Youth Club in Parton Village, which Kevin has been running since 2003.
The Youth Club which provides youth supervision for 8 to 19 year olds is run without any governmental funding, and as such Kevin will be looking to raise sponsorship money for the Youth Club by undertaking the Cumbrian Run.

Kevin’s second and more personal goal, is to learn a new langauge. Not just any language though, Kevin will be visiting Norway in May 2020 and has set himself the goal of becoming fluent in Norwegian for the trip!

A couple of tremendous goals with differing outcomes and meanings… We look forward to being a part of Kevin’s journey!

100%’ers Update 1 - Milestone Goals:

Main Aim (Long Term Goal 1): October 2019
To complete the Cumbria Run (half Marathon) and to raise funds for the Parton Youth Club.

Main Aim (Long Term Goal 2): May 2020
To be orally fluent (as possible) in Norwegian in time for my trip there in May 2020.

Short Term Goal (1):
To run 3 miles each morning (fasted) in January, starting 7th January 2019.
To set up a Just Giving page for the sponsorship.

Short Term Goal (2):
To source a Norwegian language teacher and organise the appropriate lessons.

Medium Term Goal (1): May 2019
By the end of May 2019, I expect to able to complete 7mile runs. The farthest I’ve ever completed is 6, so this will be a major achievement in itself.

Medium Term Goal (2): September 2019
By this date, I expect to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the Norwegian language with the ability to engage in a light conversation or at least the ability to understand what is being said to me.

Next update is the end of January: By which time I hope to be comfortably completing 3 mile runs and have sourced a Norwegian langauge tutor.

Update 2 - 13/01/2019

Kev kindly give us an update as to his progress this week - although there is no requirement for him to do so, but I think it will be good to look back on the incremental steps taken, once he realises his goals…

Back into the new year, starting with the Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year where most of the UK workforce is back to work. Kev was up and out all week doing his regular 2 mile fasted runs. A day off on Saturday to reset his mind and body then back at it again Sunday morning.
From tomorrow (Monday 14th), Kev will increase the distance by a mile. He will continue with this disctance for two weeks before increasing it again.

Fantastic work mate and a 50% increase in the distance covered, coupled with a strategic approach. Keep up the good work and remember to vanquish those doubts if they creep in!