The Priory Podcast - Upcoming Episode

with Tony Gosling

Sorry ladies, it's not Ryan Gosling's older brother, but in fact, Tony is an investigative journalist who used to work for the BBC. Tony has a ridiculous amount of knowledge about the gritty details of the impact and fall out from the end of World War 2 and the subsequent undercover operations of the German Nazi party as it allegedly continued (and continues) it's empire and influence in the world today, even after the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945.

Tony insisted on having an interview style discussion which means I will have to do my research in order to be able to challenge his opinions and whether they are substantiated by reliable and solid sources or if they are simple embellishments or half truths.

I spoke to Tony on the phone recently and his enthusiasm for the topic was readily obvious. It's going to be a pleasure to have a guest of such stature on the podcast and I'm looking forward to doing the research prior to the interview.

Stay tuned. AC