Invasion of Norway


The stunning country of Norway has always fascinated me, mainly due to the impressive history of Vikings and their apparent no nonsense way of life. These basic sea faring warriors managed to circum-navigate a vast portion of the world from England, Ireland, France, Russia, even establishing important trading routes in the mediterranean and middle east. It seemed to me as I conversed with locals that the Norwegians didn't seem to embrace their fantastic history as much as the rest of the world were fascinated with it. Who knows the reason why? One would just hope that it isn't due to the pressure of politically correctness that dilutes the interest in the esoteric roots of the Norse people.
Having the heat from the summer sun and modern day creature comforts at your disposal, makes it hard to imagine the struggle the Vikings faced in the barren lands and course climate of Scandanavia. None the less, as much as Norway is far cry from the tough no nonsense lifestyle of the pre-Christianised Norse peoples, it still makes for a beautifully crafted place to explore.
From the Viking museums and sights of Oslo, to the stunning scenery and Hikes of Stavanger and Bergen, Norway is a superb country with a plethora of tremendous things to tick off your bucket list.