Gong Bath Therapy

I was fortunate enough to have my first Gong Bath Therapy session towards the end of 2017. I wasn't holding much out for it to be honest, but I knew the guy who was to take the session, who had so kindly offered to to do it as a free session.
Rowan, the coordinator of the seesion is a pretty cool guy and very easy to talk to, instantly making me feel at ease.
Although I would never call myself a hippie or New Age, I'm certainly open to natural or 'alternative' therapies, having experienced an Ayahausca Ceremony, Flotation Tank therapy and an advocate of CBD oil usage as and when appropriate.
The session exceeded my expectations in terms of how I felt post-session. The feelings during the Gong Bath are very with gong vibrations passing through the body and stimulating different aspects of the body and mind. There is a scinece involved for people that think it is just about snake oil, in that the various types of instruments used, all vibrate at certain frequencies, which as people and science are learning, all material things vibrate at their own individual frequency.
The point of the Gong Bath is to help relax the mind and body by 'resetting' the body and mind frequencies and cleansing any unwanted vibrations and tensions that the mind or body maybe holding onto.
I wouod recommend anyone interested to try it at least once. Rowan can be contacted on Facebook at Rowan Meditation Teachings