The Bronx: whistle stop BronxV promo tour

This photo by the talented Liam Walsh, shows the absolute euphoric chaos of a gig by The Bronx... Nipping over for a few limited sold out UK shows, The Bronx played their new album BronxV in full, followed by a number of their usual crowd rousing repertoire.
At most gigs, orderly appreciation is encouraged throughout, but at The Bronx shows, chaos is almost expected from chord one.  The lead singer gets in on the act by jumping in the mosh pit, crowd surfing and interacting with the crowd all whilst managing to sing and keep hold of the microphone.
It's a testament to the entertainment and value for money that most of the people you speak to at their shows are coming back for their 5th, 6th or 7th time.
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Screenshot-2018-1-17 Liam PDB Walsh on Instagram “The Bronx were unreal last night and that venue is immense More pics on m[...](1).png