2019 is fast around the corner and it, for the most part, will provide 365 days of opportunity…
Thank The Universe would like to support you on your journey through 2019. We’re hoping to run a programme called; 100%’ers, which intends to give moral support, as well as a platform, for those who have plans and goals for 2019.

The purpose is clear – we want you to succeed! We want you to commit 100% to your plans and goals, and we want to provide the platform and exposure to help keep you motivated to do so.

We will provide an online profile of you and your goals with a dedicated page on our website and if you are comfortable in doing so, an audio podcast.

There is no catch – we simply want to help as many people as possible achieve their plans, goals and dreams.

However - we are not the experts – although we will help with anecdotal advice and motivation where required, the work load and heavy lifting still rests with you.

Each month, we will have a review of each 100%er’s achievements and progressions and subsequently award the month’s winner with some Thank The Universe swag.

There is no catch and no buy in, other than your readiness to commit to your goals and have a plan in place (so we can monitor progression). You don’t even need to have a public profile if you feel this would be too intrusive, but we’d prefer that this was the case.

If you feel ready to commit to something 100% and are willing to share it with us, please get in touch by going to www.thanktheuniverse.org and emailing us via the contacts page.

Let’s get 2019 kickstarted!

#staytrue #100%ers