Northmen's Fury - author Philip Parker

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Delighted to announce that Philip Parker, historian, diplomat and publisher, has agreed to be a guest on a future episode of the Priory Podcast. Philip's first book The Empire Stops Here took him on an epic journey around the frontier provinces of the Roman empire, visiting sites from Hadrian’s Wall to the desert outpost at Lambaesis in Algeria. His critically acclaimed new book, The Northmen’s Fury, is a lively and penetrating reassessment of a people who terrorized Europe for three centuries, but brought with them a rich and misunderstood culture. The Northmen's Fury, will of course be fodder for our main topic of conversation. It is a greatly researched and detailed account, that provides evidence that Britain had succumbed to Viking raids years prior to that (in)famous raid in Lindisfarne in 793 and also paints a realistic picture of the fearless peoples that sometimes gets lost in the romantic TV programmes and silver screen films. I think it's fair to say I am personally really excited for this podcast due my interest in history, but more specifically with the mysticism that seems to surround those Scandanavian invaders from the medievil period that have had such a long lasting impact on the people of northern Europe.

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