The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism


In this months episode of The Priory Podcast, we talk to Chuck Morse, author of the book The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism. As the title suggests, the book tackles a pretty fragile and explosive topic. Unlike the majority of books written about the horrors of World War II, this books arrives at a different station and exposes the often overlooked connection between NAZISM and fundamentalist Islam. You could ask yourself, why on earth would National Socialists, those so infamoulsy associated with creating the 'pure race', want to be bed-fellows with people of Islamic faith, which were for so long considered nothing more than mere nomadic tribes, or bedouin. We will assess this this question amongst others and delve deep into near history to try to configure exactly what role each side had to play out and exactly how guilty the other lesser known antagonists such as the British Empire were at the time for stirring the hornets nest of the middle east citin the Arab Revolt and subsequently with the Sykes-Picot agreement.
As students of history may already be aware, history is rarely as black and white as so often depicted by documentaries or the standard lay-person narrative... This book exposes a depth of valuable information, which by itself leaves a few questions unanswered, but which ultimately begs for further research to be done, which is what I will both be preparing for and asking Chuck on the podcast.

The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism is a great book, and a measure of this is the fact that I finished it in the first place and also the fact that it made me want to branch off and research further into some of the sub topics addressed in the book.

The podcast is expected to be published mid May.