The Viking Spirit

An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion
by Daniel McCoy

The Viking Spirit is an introduction to Norse mythology like no other. As you'd expect from Daniel McCoy, the creator of the enduringly popular website Norse Mythology for Smart People (
Daniel's book is a perfect starting place for anyone that has an interest in the multi layered and fantastical journey that is Norse Mythology.
Daniel's book describes Viking gods and goddesses and their roles within the Asgard hierarchy. 

Legit Pro Wrestling

Legit Pro Wrestling is home to legitimate Catch As Catch Can wrestling based in the Stockton, North East of England.
Head coach Christopher Crossan was introduced to Catch Wrestling by Sifu Mick Shore in 2005, since then he has competed in the USA winning the Billy Riley Trophy, and represented the UK in the USA vs The World tournament hosted by the Catch Wrestling Alliance. He is the current LPW UK Heavyweight Catch Wrestling Champion, and the Reigning King in the UK Open Wrestling Booth. He hosted the first UK Scientific Wrestling Seminar under the legendary Billy Robinson.


Scientific Wrestling

Since 2003, Scientific Wrestling has blazed the trail providing martial artists and athletes with the very cream of the crop in wrestling instruction, especially with regards brutal submissions, crushing cradles, painful pins and terminal takedowns (i.e., catch-as- catch-can wrestling).

We are the first catch wrestling organization of its kind and we continue to lead the way in providing the undisputed top-of-the-food-chain coaching, competition and camaraderie for both aspiring and accomplished catch wrestlers from all backgrounds. We live and breathe the entirety of catch wrestling; from its rough & tumble origins and its evolution into modern "freestyle" and "folkstyle", to our own open King of Catch Wrestling tournaments. In our sport of catch-as-catch-can wrestling players win via pin or submission (no holds barred), no points, and matches are contested as the best 2 of 3 falls.

Richard Burns.jpg

Richard Burns

Looking for a skilled IASTM practitioner dedicated to athletes? Then Richard Burns could be the perfect choice for you.

Richard Burns lives in Cumbria and is Certified in Soft Tissue Therapy , Sports Massage, FA Approved Pitch side first aider and currently working alongside Gretna FC 2008 as their soft tissue therapist and as their pitch side first aider. He is continuously improving his knowledge base by attending seminars in order to improve his knowledge and skills that give exceptional levels of care. The most recent of which was becoming a certified IASTM practitioner. Richard is passionate about sport and looking to assist footballers, rugby players, runners and other athletes, such as boxing and MMA practitioners.

You can contact Richard through:
Twitter: @RichardBurns54. 
Phone: 07917681923.