The Priory Podcast - Episode 23; Sunday Ramble

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Thanks for listening.. No special guest this week - just me rambling on about Free Speech, Tommy Robinson and the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Attack.

To lighten the mood a little, I've given a discount code for all Vanquish T-shirts, but you'll have to download or stream this episode and listen (fast forward) to near the end of the episode.

Thanks for the support.


A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV.

The Priory Podcast - Episode 22; Urban Savage

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Thanks for downloading or streaming the latest episode of The Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Urban Savage proprietor, Paul Dorow. I made contact with Paul after following his Instagram page and becoming impressed with what he was preaching, which was a similar philosophy to the direction I was taking Vanquish in. So after a couple of messages of shooting the shit we decided to do a Skype podcast on Bank Holiday Monday.

There are a lot of pretenders in this world and a lot of people who project great ideas and philosophies via social media in order to give an embellished impression of the real version of themselves... On this episode, you will find one of the true people who walk the walk. Paul embraces the full Urban Savage philosophy as a business owner, brother, husband and father.
Apart from my annoying voice and spots of heavy breathing (it had been a hard weekend!) I hope that Paul's energy seeps through the speakers from the podcast cloud in the sky and fills your ear drums with inspiration.

Hope you enjoy this short sharp episode, we could have chatted for hours and may still re-convene at some point in the future. Have a look at his Instagram and see the no nonsense motivational stuff he posts there.  Also give his website a check out, as we breifly discuss, he has some cracking gear on there: - use the discount code Priory at checkout for a 20% discount. Cheers!


Gridline - Urban Savages

The Priory Podcast - Episode 21; Chuck Morse and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism


On episode 21 of The Priory Podcast, we have guest author Chuck Morse on to discuss the his topical and controversial book, The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism.
Cuck is a US based author with a plethora of experience in the broadcasting and publishing world. He kindly gave up his time from his current ventures to give us an insight into the inspiration behind the book and why he thought it needed awareness rasing on the subject of Hadj Amin al-Husseini and his connectins with National Socialist Germany.

We also explore relative matters outside of the book, but unfortunately for those who like a bit of controversy, we avoid any fragile political or religious agendas, even if my lack of eloquence does sound as if it takes me into potetnial deep waters.

I think the podcast (more so Chuck) makes for superb listening and regardless of our political or religious stance, it makes great learning for those that have an interest in the history and plight of the near east and the influence the British, amongst other nations, have had on the area.

The book; The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, can be found on Amazon.


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The Priory Podcast - Episode 20; with Jack 'Stocko' Stockwin


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On this episode we have the pleasure of young up and coming singer song writer Jack Stockwin (Stocko) from Workington. Jack is slowly building a reputation as one of the next big things to come out of the West Cumbria music scene and will be performing on the COTT-Fest Main Stage in May.

Jack has a deep passion for music and kindly divulges his tastes, influences and gripes within the music industry as it stands at the moment.
He plays 3 live tracks for us at various points in the podcast; which leaves some of my editing skills to be desired...

- Come On Feel The Noise (Slade cover)
- Runaway (Jack's own material)
- Nightlife (Jack's own material)

Also accompanying Jack on this episode are the proprietors of COTT-Fest, Peter Gilmore and Dave Straughton who will also be looking after the interests of Jack from a professional point of view.

We would all like to wish Jack the best of luck in pursuing his dream and hopefully we can do this by supporting his gigs and appearances in and around West Cumbria.
For any further information on bookings or appearances, Jack can be contacted through Dave Straughton on +44(0)7788269415.

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The Priory Podcast - Episode 19: The Vikings with Philip Parker


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this new episode of The Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Philip Parker, historian and author of the superbly researched book; The Northmens' Fury, which chronicles the history of the Vikings in meticulous detail due to Philips dedication to research and study of historical documents ranging from the numerous Viking Sagas, Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and archeological evidence.
On this episode Philip and I explore some of the most prominent parts of the Viking history.
We discuss the emergence of the Vikings and the infamous attack on Lindisfarne in 793ad which pretty much brought the Vikings to the attention of the ruling elite in England. We discuss what life must have been like in the Viking homelands that inspired these adventures into the unknown and violent raids on foreign shores.
Philip also takes us through history's most prominent Vikings and Viking Battles, mainly associated with attacks on the English shores, although interspersed with some fantastic 'inter-Viking' battles like that of Harald Bluetooth of Denmark versus Hakon the Good of Norway.
We also talk about the more familiar names in Ragnar Lothbrok and Ivar The Boneless, names brought to the attention of the general public through the hit TV show; History Channels - Vikings.
We also discuss the interesting facts behind the settlement of Iceland, which then leads into some quick fire questions around some of the more 'embellished' parts of Viking folklore such as the Berserkers, Shield Maidens and the Blood Eagle torture method.
We close with a look at the Viking conversion to Christianity and potential correlation to the slow decline in Viking raids throughout Europe.

To say we only scratched the surface in this 1 hour plus episode would be an understatement, but for anybody interested in a more researched history of the Vikings, then I can fully recommend Philips book as the perfect starting place.

Hope you enjoy this episode and please leave comments or feedback on the website or any of my social media pages:
@vanquish_793 on Instagram
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It's much appreciated.

The Priory Podcast - Episode 18; Drew Maloney


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Drew Maloney author of 'Spirit World - Pub Astrology'

There can be no doubt that mysterious ancient civilisations have had a fascination with the stars and the constellations. From the times of the Sumerians, Egyptions and the Mayans, these ancient and mysterious cultures had a wealth of knowledge about the skies. Much like these ancient civilisations, quite often secret schools of modern times also seem to adopt this same fascination. This is what forms the basis of this new episode. Drew explains how after travelling around the UK as an engineer whilst at the same time being aware of a charitable but secretive organization known as the Freemasons, Drew would notice certain signs and symbology occasionally appearing in old pubs and hotels dotted around the country. Strange and odd at first but then patterns began to emerge with possibly the most unusual being the actual names and pub signs aligning with ancient star constellations and signs of the zodiac.

Comparing old English pub signs with the anthropomorphised star constellations as depicted by Sidney Hall’s Urania’s Mirror (published in 1824) the similarities were striking and hard to pass off as coincidence. Drew began to research further. 

The listener may find the accompanying ebook beneficial in connection with the podcast:

‘The Spirit World – Pub Astrology’ (Available for free download)

The Priory Podcast - Episode 17: COTT-Fest


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On this episode of the Priory Podcast I have the pleasure of the first returning guest, good friend and old boxing and fitness coach, Dave Straughton. And Peter Gilmour, business man, top Vanquish customer and all round good egg. Apart from talking utter ndrivel, we discuss the up coming local festival COTT-Fest which is taking place on the May Bank Holiday weekend in the local village of Stainburn in West Cumbria, featuring and promoting TONS of local musical and artistic talent.
We talk life philosophy and coaching and the importance of having a positive impact in your local community.


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COTTFest Website:

Featured Artists:
- Gerry Cinamon
- Late Night Legacy
- Alice Cooper
- Credance Clearwater

The Priory Podcast - Episode 16, January Ramble


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. Today I ramble about the most random nonsense that will put you to sleep faster than Harold Shipman.

I talk about the latest Bronx gig in Leeds, BREXIT, being a bus wanker and the latest book I'm reading by William Blum; America's Greatest Export.
Probably of little or no interest to the majority of you to be honest, but it may interest one or two of you... Anyway I hope you enjoy your latest fix of my dulcet monotone voice...

The Bronx - Side Effects

The Amazons - Palace

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Thank The Universe

The Priory Podcast - Episode 15: The Crimean War with Martin Summers


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On this episode I have the pleasure of Martin Summers, an investigative journalist, radio broadcaster and author, about the details of the Crimean War of 1853 - 1856. Famously quoted as "a war noted for it's notoriously incompetent international butchery". This war proved to be anything BUT necessary...

Fuelled by huge military egos, delusions of grandeur, mass unpreparedness, it was the first war that had constant up to date reporting as well as the first use of photography during a war.

Although no where near the scale of future wars, such as that of 1914-1918, it could be said that the fragility of the fickle national relationships following the fall out of this war, may have sown the seeds for the arguably the biggest social and militaristic disaster of recorded history, World War 1 - The Great War. Which of course, again paled in comparison to the death toll of World War 2, but none the less was a significant factor in the collapse of relations and subsequent out-break of the so called 'Good War'.

Martin and I look at the various stages of the Crimean War, from the posturing of Europe's elite powers at the time, the historical grievances that still ticked away under the surface, and how these events slowly unravelled into the disaster that was the Crimean War. Martin also expands on why this region, even to this day, plays such a pivotal role in keeping the balance of power in tact.

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Extra Reading:

Iron Maiden - Trooper

The Priory Podcast - Episode 14, The Cynocepheli

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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I ramble about history's fixation with anthropomorphic and therianthropic creatures.
There have been a multitude of recorded documents, cave paintings, maps, drawings over a stretch of roughly 50,000 years depicting a plethora of hideous creatures that seem to combine the appearance of humans along with a multitude of other various animals.
The Cynocephali are a particular branch of the Anthropomorphic Tree, in that they are a Therianthrope, Human Anatomy with a beasts head. In this instance, the head of a dog.
The most most famous version being that of St. Christopher.
100's of pieces of artefacts have been found over the years depicting these dog headed creatures. These artefacts include building reliefs, paintings, maps, drawings, rock carving and written documents.

The original format for this episode was to do it in an interview style format with a journalist who wrote an outstanding article in the Fortean Times a few years back. Unfortunately this didn't happen so you only have the pleasure of my dulcet tones...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode..