The Priory Podcast - Episode 29; The history of Indian Club and Gada Mace Training with Paul Wolkowinski

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Welcome to the first episode of the Priory Podcast of 2019. On this episode I had the pleasure of very special guest, Paul Wolkowinski.

Paul is the leading pioneer of traditional training with the Indian Clubs, Persian Meels and GADA Mace.

Paul takes us on an historical journey telling us about the origins of the training tools and their purpose within both the Persian Empire in the times of Cyrus the Great and of their use to prepare the Indian wrestlers in the town of Varanasi in north India.

Paul also shares with us about his time battling and overcoming cancer.

For further information on Paul Wolkowinski, visit his website: or visit his YouTube page Paul Taras Wolkowinski.

Time Stamps:
03:50 - Paul gives us an insight into how he became interested in Indian Clubs
09:55 - History of the Clubs and Mace use in the Persian Empire and Indian culture
23:40 - How the British in India influenced the use of Indian Clubs
29:50 - Indian Clubs influence in Victorian Britain
39:20 - Tom Burrows and the 100 hour Indian Club workout
44:48 - Use of Indian Clubs during the Suffregette movement in Edwardian England
47:48 - Indian Clubs in the Olympic Games
48:58 - Indian Club techniques
55:00 - Beating cancer with the daily use of Indian Clubs and GADA Mace 56.36 - Breaking down the patterns and transitions of Indian Club swings 1.
06:12 - Opinion on Mace Flow 1.
08:25 - Making your own GADA Mace 1.
11:08 - Starting the Mace journey and what the future holds for Indian Clubs International

Although there are no specific sponsors on the Priory Podcast, I would like to raise awareness for the charity, MIND - West Cumbria. Throughout Thank The Universe, I support MIND - West Cumbria with regular donations from my Vanquish T-Shirt sales. I am going a step further in July, as explained on the 100%'ers page, I will be competing in my first ever Open Water Swim - a 500m front crawl race at the Derwent Lakes Epic Swim Event in Keswick, West Cumbria. If you get time, please take a look at my 100%'ers profile, where you can follow my training for the even and where I will be posting my Just Giving page details once set up.

Thanks, Alex

The Priory Podcast - Episode 28: A Blind Descent with Brian Dickinson


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On this this episode we have the honour of interviewing former US Navy Rescue Swimmer, Mountaineer, Explorer and Motivational Speaker, Brian Dickinson. In 2011, Brian undertook a mission to complete the 7 summit challenge, which is attaining the summit of the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents. Brian kindly gives us an insight into the adversity he faced and overcame when summitting Everest and succumbing to Snow Blindness at the very peak.

Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes. As Polar Explorer - Erling Kagge pointed out on the previous Priory episode, adversity is relative to the person at the centre of it all. Whether, like Erling or 100 years before him with the Shackleton exloration mission to the South Pole, or like our special guest today Brian Dickinson, who faced his own adversity at the highest point on planet Earth, it is all realtive.

We hope this episode inspires you to overcome adversity in however it manifests itself in your own life.

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Brian Dickinson Website:

The Priory Podcast - Episode 27 featuring Erling Kagge

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It was an absolute honour for me to be able to speak to Erling Kagge. He was without doubt the highest profile guest I’ve had on the podcast and you can probably detect a little nervousness in my voice at the start.

Erling has an extraordinary CV and from it you can understand why I was a little nervous. From being the first man to reach the 3 poles (North, South and Everest) on foot. He traversed over 1300 kilometers to 90’ South in isolation taking over 50 days.
Apart from the multiple expeditions, Erling is also a writer, publisher, ex-lawyer, university lecturer, philosopher and father.
Having first overcome his childhood dyslexia to become a Lawyer. He later went on to become the first person to reach the North Pole, South Pole and the summit of Everest on foot and unassisted. His expedition to the South Pole is even more remarkable as he did it in total isolation. It was during this journey that he gathered the inspiration for his book; Silence in the age of noise, which was the basis of this podcast episode.

Erling kindly gave us a peak into his life of fortitude and his philiosophical outlook on the importance of introducing silence into our own lives during such distracting times.

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In each of us a true warrior lies beneath the surface...
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- Waventide; Silence

The Priory Podcast - Episode 26; Mini Viking Tour Review

This episode of The Priory Podcast is a review of my recent mini viking tour of Denmark, Sweden and Faroe Islands. Inspired by the Philip Parkers book The Northmen’s Fury, a history of the vikings and Priory Podcast Episode 19, I decided to visit some of the more prominent viking sites in Europe.

Stopping in off in Copenhagen and Jelling in Denmark and visiting the sites of Harold Bluetooth and seeing the runic stone inscripted with the first left to right runic message.

Faroe Islands.jpg

The Faroe Island were a stunningly beautiful archipelago of just over 50,000 inhabitants. The Faroese are an immensely proud and hospitable nation who live in little village pockets scattered around the 18 islands. The Faroes is on par with Iceland for its stunning landscape scenery as well as its historical language, which like Icelandic, is said to be closely related to that of the old Norse language of the vikings.

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The Clash - Know Your Rights
Eivor - Far Away

The Priory Podcast - Episode 25 featuring Jake Shannon

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Part 1 of 2
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Thanks for downloading or streaming this new episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode (Part 1) we have the leading light of the current Catch Wrestling resurgence, Jake Shannon. It is my opinion that Jake is responsible for the re-emergence of the popularity of Catch Wrestling through his dedication and consistency in spreading the gospel under the tutelage of Catch Wrestling gods, Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson.

We kick off our chat with a bit of a fun discussion about the Mormons of Salt Lake City where Jake used to live and the Freemasons.

Jake then takes us through a history of his involvement with Catch Wrestling and his realtionships with both Billy and Karl as well tremendously cool stories from performing on the Vans: Warped Tour and smoking weed with rapper Cool Keith.

In part two, we discuss the success of the recent Catch Wrestling World Championships.

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Part 2 of 2

Coming soon.

The Priory Podcast - Episode 24 with Tom Blackledge

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I was honoured to have top MMA expert and all round top man, Tom Blackledge, on this episode of the Priory Podcast. Tom is an old friend from the early circuit of UK MMA and ex MMA Team Mate from our days at the Wolfslair.

On Part One of this episode we talk about MMA and the importance of coaching to the undividuals needs rather than the needs of the majority:

In Part Two we discuss things a little more holistically and discuss the importance of having positive vibes and the unfortunate influence on society that junk food, junk television and junk social media is having on the current young generations:

Tom is head coach at Blackledge MMA, proprietor of Power Kitchen and co-promoter of ICE FC fight show. For more information you can contact Tom through the links above.

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- Walk Around Me - The Riverboat Gamblers

The Priory Podcast - Episode 23; Sunday Ramble

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Thanks for listening.. No special guest this week - just me rambling on about Free Speech, Tommy Robinson and the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Attack.

To lighten the mood a little, I've given a discount code for all Vanquish T-shirts, but you'll have to download or stream this episode and listen (fast forward) to near the end of the episode.

Thanks for the support.


A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV.

The Priory Podcast - Episode 22; Urban Savage

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Thanks for downloading or streaming the latest episode of The Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Urban Savage proprietor, Paul Dorow. I made contact with Paul after following his Instagram page and becoming impressed with what he was preaching, which was a similar philosophy to the direction I was taking Vanquish in. So after a couple of messages of shooting the shit we decided to do a Skype podcast on Bank Holiday Monday.

There are a lot of pretenders in this world and a lot of people who project great ideas and philosophies via social media in order to give an embellished impression of the real version of themselves... On this episode, you will find one of the true people who walk the walk. Paul embraces the full Urban Savage philosophy as a business owner, brother, husband and father.
Apart from my annoying voice and spots of heavy breathing (it had been a hard weekend!) I hope that Paul's energy seeps through the speakers from the podcast cloud in the sky and fills your ear drums with inspiration.

Hope you enjoy this short sharp episode, we could have chatted for hours and may still re-convene at some point in the future. Have a look at his Instagram and see the no nonsense motivational stuff he posts there.  Also give his website a check out, as we breifly discuss, he has some cracking gear on there: - use the discount code Priory at checkout for a 20% discount. Cheers!


Gridline - Urban Savages

The Priory Podcast - Episode 21; Chuck Morse and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism


On episode 21 of The Priory Podcast, we have guest author Chuck Morse on to discuss the his topical and controversial book, The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism.
Cuck is a US based author with a plethora of experience in the broadcasting and publishing world. He kindly gave up his time from his current ventures to give us an insight into the inspiration behind the book and why he thought it needed awareness rasing on the subject of Hadj Amin al-Husseini and his connectins with National Socialist Germany.

We also explore relative matters outside of the book, but unfortunately for those who like a bit of controversy, we avoid any fragile political or religious agendas, even if my lack of eloquence does sound as if it takes me into potetnial deep waters.

I think the podcast (more so Chuck) makes for superb listening and regardless of our political or religious stance, it makes great learning for those that have an interest in the history and plight of the near east and the influence the British, amongst other nations, have had on the area.

The book; The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, can be found on Amazon.


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The Priory Podcast - Episode 20; with Jack 'Stocko' Stockwin


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On this episode we have the pleasure of young up and coming singer song writer Jack Stockwin (Stocko) from Workington. Jack is slowly building a reputation as one of the next big things to come out of the West Cumbria music scene and will be performing on the COTT-Fest Main Stage in May.

Jack has a deep passion for music and kindly divulges his tastes, influences and gripes within the music industry as it stands at the moment.
He plays 3 live tracks for us at various points in the podcast; which leaves some of my editing skills to be desired...

- Come On Feel The Noise (Slade cover)
- Runaway (Jack's own material)
- Nightlife (Jack's own material)

Also accompanying Jack on this episode are the proprietors of COTT-Fest, Peter Gilmore and Dave Straughton who will also be looking after the interests of Jack from a professional point of view.

We would all like to wish Jack the best of luck in pursuing his dream and hopefully we can do this by supporting his gigs and appearances in and around West Cumbria.
For any further information on bookings or appearances, Jack can be contacted through Dave Straughton on +44(0)7788269415.

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