The Priory Podcast - Episode 14, The Cynocepheli

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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I ramble about history's fixation with anthropomorphic and therianthropic creatures.
There have been a multitude of recorded documents, cave paintings, maps, drawings over a stretch of roughly 50,000 years depicting a plethora of hideous creatures that seem to combine the appearance of humans along with a multitude of other various animals.
The Cynocephali are a particular branch of the Anthropomorphic Tree, in that they are a Therianthrope, Human Anatomy with a beasts head. In this instance, the head of a dog.
The most most famous version being that of St. Christopher.
100's of pieces of artefacts have been found over the years depicting these dog headed creatures. These artefacts include building reliefs, paintings, maps, drawings, rock carving and written documents.

The original format for this episode was to do it in an interview style format with a journalist who wrote an outstanding article in the Fortean Times a few years back. Unfortunately this didn't happen so you only have the pleasure of my dulcet tones...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode..