The Priory Podcast - Episode 2 with Carl Wammo Walmsley

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On this episode, I had the pleasure of Carl Wammo Walmsley. A local lad from Mirehouse in Whitehaven, who has a real heart warming story of self improvement. From a life of self confessed selfishness, through turning points and life struggles that inspired him to turn his life around and dedicate his time and resources to helping other people less fortunate than himself along with the local community where he lives.
His story doesn't end there. Through his endeavours of helping others and the local community, he has decided to expand his wings and to offer his positivity to surrounding towns and villages by running for the Local Council seat, of which the election takes place on May 4th 2017.

It was fantastic to speak to a normal working class lad, that offers so much inspiration, with the purest integrity and intention. I hope that this podcast reaches out to others that require some motivation, inspiration or indeed just a person to listen to them.

Enjoy. And #VoteWammo

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