The Priory Podcast - Episode 7: 2Pac featuring Gary Spence

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It was a huge pleasure to get my mate and absolute fountain of knowledge to come in and drop truth bombs all over podcast-ville on the topic of Tupac Shakur.

From his birth into a disfunctional family, Gary and I discuss how Tupace clawed his way out of the gutter by utilising his artisitc skills in poetry and ballet, moving onto his beginnings in rap music and becomming one of the worlds biggest gangster rap stars of the mid pop culture icons 1990's, then finally assessing the mysterious surroundings of his murder in 1996 and the network of potential culprits which included the FBI and a corrupt LA police force, his often maligned and reportedly head gang member Suge Knight to the infamous tepid relationship with East Coast gangster rappers Notorious BIG aka Christopher Wallace and P Diddy.

This was one of the most interesting topics and enjoyable podcasts I've done up to date simply due to the knowledge Gary brought to the table. I hope you enjoy it too.


Tupac - Trappe
Tupac - Keep Your head Up
Nototious BIG - Who Shot Ya?
Tupac - Dear Mama

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