The Priory Podcast - Episode 15: The Crimean War with Martin Summers


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On this episode I have the pleasure of Martin Summers, an investigative journalist, radio broadcaster and author, about the details of the Crimean War of 1853 - 1856. Famously quoted as "a war noted for it's notoriously incompetent international butchery". This war proved to be anything BUT necessary...

Fuelled by huge military egos, delusions of grandeur, mass unpreparedness, it was the first war that had constant up to date reporting as well as the first use of photography during a war.

Although no where near the scale of future wars, such as that of 1914-1918, it could be said that the fragility of the fickle national relationships following the fall out of this war, may have sown the seeds for the arguably the biggest social and militaristic disaster of recorded history, World War 1 - The Great War. Which of course, again paled in comparison to the death toll of World War 2, but none the less was a significant factor in the collapse of relations and subsequent out-break of the so called 'Good War'.

Martin and I look at the various stages of the Crimean War, from the posturing of Europe's elite powers at the time, the historical grievances that still ticked away under the surface, and how these events slowly unravelled into the disaster that was the Crimean War. Martin also expands on why this region, even to this day, plays such a pivotal role in keeping the balance of power in tact.

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