The Priory Podcast - Episode 18; Drew Maloney


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Drew Maloney author of 'Spirit World - Pub Astrology'

There can be no doubt that mysterious ancient civilisations have had a fascination with the stars and the constellations. From the times of the Sumerians, Egyptions and the Mayans, these ancient and mysterious cultures had a wealth of knowledge about the skies. Much like these ancient civilisations, quite often secret schools of modern times also seem to adopt this same fascination. This is what forms the basis of this new episode. Drew explains how after travelling around the UK as an engineer whilst at the same time being aware of a charitable but secretive organization known as the Freemasons, Drew would notice certain signs and symbology occasionally appearing in old pubs and hotels dotted around the country. Strange and odd at first but then patterns began to emerge with possibly the most unusual being the actual names and pub signs aligning with ancient star constellations and signs of the zodiac.

Comparing old English pub signs with the anthropomorphised star constellations as depicted by Sidney Hall’s Urania’s Mirror (published in 1824) the similarities were striking and hard to pass off as coincidence. Drew began to research further. 

The listener may find the accompanying ebook beneficial in connection with the podcast:

‘The Spirit World – Pub Astrology’ (Available for free download)