The Priory Podcast - Episode 20; with Jack 'Stocko' Stockwin


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On this episode we have the pleasure of young up and coming singer song writer Jack Stockwin (Stocko) from Workington. Jack is slowly building a reputation as one of the next big things to come out of the West Cumbria music scene and will be performing on the COTT-Fest Main Stage in May.

Jack has a deep passion for music and kindly divulges his tastes, influences and gripes within the music industry as it stands at the moment.
He plays 3 live tracks for us at various points in the podcast; which leaves some of my editing skills to be desired...

- Come On Feel The Noise (Slade cover)
- Runaway (Jack's own material)
- Nightlife (Jack's own material)

Also accompanying Jack on this episode are the proprietors of COTT-Fest, Peter Gilmore and Dave Straughton who will also be looking after the interests of Jack from a professional point of view.

We would all like to wish Jack the best of luck in pursuing his dream and hopefully we can do this by supporting his gigs and appearances in and around West Cumbria.
For any further information on bookings or appearances, Jack can be contacted through Dave Straughton on +44(0)7788269415.

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