The Priory Podcast - Episode 21; Chuck Morse and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism


On episode 21 of The Priory Podcast, we have guest author Chuck Morse on to discuss the his topical and controversial book, The NAZI Connection to Islamic Terrorism.
Cuck is a US based author with a plethora of experience in the broadcasting and publishing world. He kindly gave up his time from his current ventures to give us an insight into the inspiration behind the book and why he thought it needed awareness rasing on the subject of Hadj Amin al-Husseini and his connectins with National Socialist Germany.

We also explore relative matters outside of the book, but unfortunately for those who like a bit of controversy, we avoid any fragile political or religious agendas, even if my lack of eloquence does sound as if it takes me into potetnial deep waters.

I think the podcast (more so Chuck) makes for superb listening and regardless of our political or religious stance, it makes great learning for those that have an interest in the history and plight of the near east and the influence the British, amongst other nations, have had on the area.

The book; The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, can be found on Amazon.


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