The Priory Podcast - Episode 26; Mini Viking Tour Review

This episode of The Priory Podcast is a review of my recent mini viking tour of Denmark, Sweden and Faroe Islands. Inspired by the Philip Parkers book The Northmen’s Fury, a history of the vikings and Priory Podcast Episode 19, I decided to visit some of the more prominent viking sites in Europe.

Stopping in off in Copenhagen and Jelling in Denmark and visiting the sites of Harold Bluetooth and seeing the runic stone inscripted with the first left to right runic message.

Faroe Islands.jpg

The Faroe Island were a stunningly beautiful archipelago of just over 50,000 inhabitants. The Faroese are an immensely proud and hospitable nation who live in little village pockets scattered around the 18 islands. The Faroes is on par with Iceland for its stunning landscape scenery as well as its historical language, which like Icelandic, is said to be closely related to that of the old Norse language of the vikings.

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