The Priory Podcast - Episode 29; The history of Indian Club and Gada Mace Training with Paul Wolkowinski

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Welcome to the first episode of the Priory Podcast of 2019. On this episode I had the pleasure of very special guest, Paul Wolkowinski.

Paul is the leading pioneer of traditional training with the Indian Clubs, Persian Meels and GADA Mace.

Paul takes us on an historical journey telling us about the origins of the training tools and their purpose within both the Persian Empire in the times of Cyrus the Great and of their use to prepare the Indian wrestlers in the town of Varanasi in north India.

Paul also shares with us about his time battling and overcoming cancer.

For further information on Paul Wolkowinski, visit his website: or visit his YouTube page Paul Taras Wolkowinski.

Time Stamps:
03:50 - Paul gives us an insight into how he became interested in Indian Clubs
09:55 - History of the Clubs and Mace use in the Persian Empire and Indian culture
23:40 - How the British in India influenced the use of Indian Clubs
29:50 - Indian Clubs influence in Victorian Britain
39:20 - Tom Burrows and the 100 hour Indian Club workout
44:48 - Use of Indian Clubs during the Suffregette movement in Edwardian England
47:48 - Indian Clubs in the Olympic Games
48:58 - Indian Club techniques
55:00 - Beating cancer with the daily use of Indian Clubs and GADA Mace 56.36 - Breaking down the patterns and transitions of Indian Club swings 1.
06:12 - Opinion on Mace Flow 1.
08:25 - Making your own GADA Mace 1.
11:08 - Starting the Mace journey and what the future holds for Indian Clubs International

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