The Priory Podcast - Episode 30; What Maketh the Man?


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On this episode of The Priory Podcast, we have very special guest, Kyle Thompson from a website and movement devoted to cultivating manly resilience.

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of analysis' on the current trend of masculinity in modern society. Inspired by Rudyard ipling's epic poem, IF, we aim to establish what are the most important virtues that modern men must adopt and how perhaps these virtues and others have been slowly devolved from the masculine psyche in the current overwhelming climate of political correctness and debilitating social uncertainty.

- What maketh the man?
- Is here any place for an alpha male in the modern society?
- What virtues must a modern man adopt?
- What separates the Alpha from the also ran?
- Are the Alpha males slowly being devolved out of existence through outside influences?

We discuss these questions and more in this episode.

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