The Priory Podcast - Episode 33; What Maketh the Man? (ptII) featuring Adam Kemp of Unlock Masculinity


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Welcome to this latest episode of the Priory Podcast. - Firstly apologies for the low volume on the introduction, not sure what has happened there, but the main content is fully audible.

This is the second installment in the 'What Maketh the Man?' series where we discuss the political and societal condition of the masculine identity and how biological influences, political standards or societal pressures impact upon men, masculinity and ultimately the society around us.

On this installment we're lucky enough to talk to Adam Kemp from Unlock Masculinity who shared his views on the current status of men and masculinity and how by developing his own centre, specifically directed towards instilling positive masculinity in men, hopes to lead from the front and give children, teenagers and adult men the opportunity to focus on the important foundations in life based around the 6 Foundational Elements of Unlock Masculinity.

Have a look over at to see what Adam has to offer. There are also 2 questionairres on the website, feel free to give them a go and even ask Adam for some feedback. You can also follow Unlock Masculinity on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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