The Priory Podcast - Episode 18; Drew Maloney


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I had the pleasure of Drew Maloney author of 'Spirit World - Pub Astrology'

There can be no doubt that mysterious ancient civilisations have had a fascination with the stars and the constellations. From the times of the Sumerians, Egyptions and the Mayans, these ancient and mysterious cultures had a wealth of knowledge about the skies. Much like these ancient civilisations, quite often secret schools of modern times also seem to adopt this same fascination. This is what forms the basis of this new episode. Drew explains how after travelling around the UK as an engineer whilst at the same time being aware of a charitable but secretive organization known as the Freemasons, Drew would notice certain signs and symbology occasionally appearing in old pubs and hotels dotted around the country. Strange and odd at first but then patterns began to emerge with possibly the most unusual being the actual names and pub signs aligning with ancient star constellations and signs of the zodiac.

Comparing old English pub signs with the anthropomorphised star constellations as depicted by Sidney Hall’s Urania’s Mirror (published in 1824) the similarities were striking and hard to pass off as coincidence. Drew began to research further. 

The listener may find the accompanying ebook beneficial in connection with the podcast:

‘The Spirit World – Pub Astrology’ (Available for free download)

The Priory Podcast - Episode 17: COTT-Fest


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On this episode of the Priory Podcast I have the pleasure of the first returning guest, good friend and old boxing and fitness coach, Dave Straughton. And Peter Gilmour, business man, top Vanquish customer and all round good egg. Apart from talking utter ndrivel, we discuss the up coming local festival COTT-Fest which is taking place on the May Bank Holiday weekend in the local village of Stainburn in West Cumbria, featuring and promoting TONS of local musical and artistic talent.
We talk life philosophy and coaching and the importance of having a positive impact in your local community.


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COTTFest Website:

Featured Artists:
- Gerry Cinamon
- Late Night Legacy
- Alice Cooper
- Credance Clearwater

The Priory Podcast - Episode 16, January Ramble


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. Today I ramble about the most random nonsense that will put you to sleep faster than Harold Shipman.

I talk about the latest Bronx gig in Leeds, BREXIT, being a bus wanker and the latest book I'm reading by William Blum; America's Greatest Export.
Probably of little or no interest to the majority of you to be honest, but it may interest one or two of you... Anyway I hope you enjoy your latest fix of my dulcet monotone voice...

The Bronx - Side Effects

The Amazons - Palace

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Thank The Universe

The Priory Podcast - Episode 15: The Crimean War with Martin Summers


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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast.

On this episode I have the pleasure of Martin Summers, an investigative journalist, radio broadcaster and author, about the details of the Crimean War of 1853 - 1856. Famously quoted as "a war noted for it's notoriously incompetent international butchery". This war proved to be anything BUT necessary...

Fuelled by huge military egos, delusions of grandeur, mass unpreparedness, it was the first war that had constant up to date reporting as well as the first use of photography during a war.

Although no where near the scale of future wars, such as that of 1914-1918, it could be said that the fragility of the fickle national relationships following the fall out of this war, may have sown the seeds for the arguably the biggest social and militaristic disaster of recorded history, World War 1 - The Great War. Which of course, again paled in comparison to the death toll of World War 2, but none the less was a significant factor in the collapse of relations and subsequent out-break of the so called 'Good War'.

Martin and I look at the various stages of the Crimean War, from the posturing of Europe's elite powers at the time, the historical grievances that still ticked away under the surface, and how these events slowly unravelled into the disaster that was the Crimean War. Martin also expands on why this region, even to this day, plays such a pivotal role in keeping the balance of power in tact.

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Extra Reading:

Iron Maiden - Trooper

The Priory Podcast - Episode 14, The Cynocepheli

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Thanks for downloading or streaming this episode of the Priory Podcast. On this episode I ramble about history's fixation with anthropomorphic and therianthropic creatures.
There have been a multitude of recorded documents, cave paintings, maps, drawings over a stretch of roughly 50,000 years depicting a plethora of hideous creatures that seem to combine the appearance of humans along with a multitude of other various animals.
The Cynocephali are a particular branch of the Anthropomorphic Tree, in that they are a Therianthrope, Human Anatomy with a beasts head. In this instance, the head of a dog.
The most most famous version being that of St. Christopher.
100's of pieces of artefacts have been found over the years depicting these dog headed creatures. These artefacts include building reliefs, paintings, maps, drawings, rock carving and written documents.

The original format for this episode was to do it in an interview style format with a journalist who wrote an outstanding article in the Fortean Times a few years back. Unfortunately this didn't happen so you only have the pleasure of my dulcet tones...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode..




The Priory Podcast - Episode 13 with Tony Gosling


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Thank you for downloading, streaming, listening to Episode 13 of The Priory Podcast.
On this episode I was honoured to have Tony Gosling SKYPE in and share his vast well of knowledge about the shattered history of the world post World War 2. The theme of the Podcast was to discuss the assisted escape of Martin Bormann from war torn Berlin, where he was whisked away, allegedly to the UK then to Argentina, where the NAZI's accumulated wealth was used to reignite the power of the NAZI party and ideologies - only this time it would be enforced by the banking cartel rather than military might.

We reflect on how the European Union has similarities to the end goals of what the NAZI regime had in mind. 

Tony shows how well educated and researched he is by often scurrying down various rabbit holes which I could only sit back and admire.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it!

Godspeed! AC


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The Priory Podcast - Episode 12, Solo Rant


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On this episode I go off on a huge rant about the decline in humanity and that the earth is getting sick of us that's why she's sending the apocalypse.

I rant about countries and institutions not wanting to give other people their freedom even though they've voted legitimately for that right!

I give props to the guys that stole the cash machine from ALDI for their ingenuity.
If you're offended by profanity and unsubstantiated political views then this may not be the podcast episode for you.

For all the rest of you - I hope you enjoy!

If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray
The Willow Tree - Seth Lakeman


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The Priory Podcast - Episode 11 with Mike Grundy


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Thanks for downloading, streaming and listening to this episode.

I managed to grab some time with the awesome Mike Grundy, top British Freestyle Wrestler and MMA fighter.

Mike gives us an insight into his beginnings in wrestling, reaching number 12 in the world and taking the Bronze in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
Mike also shares his ambitions of joining the UFC which I'm sure won't be too far off in the future.

I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure. I've trained under Mike numerous times at both the Wigan & Leigh Wrestling Gym and at Team Kaobon, and his energy is always positive. One of life's good guys who manages to balance a full time fighting career with family life.

We all wish him well in the future.

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The Priory Podcast - Episode 10

Martin Oz Austwick (Round 2)

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Thanks for downloading, streaming, listening to this episode of the Priory Podcast.
I had the fortune of chatting to my catch wrestling brother Martin Austwick.
On this episode we discuss the latest visit from our catch wrestling friends from America, being star struck by Josh Barnett, the potential loss of being real men in todays comfortable society, as well as jokingly compare the personality types that are attracted to the different styles of grappling.
Finally, we giv...e a shout out to the Catch Wrestling OG, Mr Billy Robinson (RIP), who would have been 79 on 18th of September.

I hope you enjoy!

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    The Priory Podcast - Episode 9: Invasion of Norway


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    The Priory Podcast - Episode 9
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    Thanks for downloading / streaming the new episode of the Priory Podcast. This is a collection of ramblings from my time touring Norway over a period of 8 days.

    The country is a beautiful place and well organised for the most part. I would definitely recommend it for those that are even thinking about going.
    The history of Norway throughout the ages from the Vikings and their polytheistic pagan beliefs, to their conversion to Christianity right up to the modern era makes for a fascinating and intriguing insight.

    Not that any of that is discussed in this podcast, it's basically just me moaning about stuff.

    I hope you enjoy.


    Music: (what more fitting?)
    KISS - God of Thunder